Free Stained Glass Patterns

Free stained glass patterns are perfect for crafting your own stained glass suncatchers, lampshades, panels, windows and candle holders. The web offers a great variety of free stained glass patterns and stained glass patterns for sale. More stained glass patterns are available from specialty publications.

Stained glass patterns vary from pen and ink drawings with little or no digital processing, to being nearly entirely done with computer graphic programs.

A hand-drawn stained glass pattern gives more convincing, natural-looking results than those that are made digitally. Nonetheless, computers are very useful for producing geometric patterns.

Online patterns are especially useful because they can be printed to the size that you desire using standard computer graphics programs - you don't have to scan the free stained glass patterns, it's already done for you. Neither do you have to worry about destroying the free stained glass pattern while using it, you can easily print a fresh new copy everytime! Follow this light green link for instruction on resizing patterns and this link for printing patterns.

Why do individuals and companies provide stained glass patterns for free? One of the rewards of publishing online is that one doesn't need to worry about the marketing and material constraints of publishing a book, because they are made available very little cost to the publisher. Glass manufacturers and stained glass suppliers will publish them to attract customers.

Regardless of where you obtain your patterns, make sure that they are designed by experienced stained glass artists with some clear notions about "cuttability."

Your guide to stained glass patterns

The Stained Glass Pattern Directory is your gateway to all stained glass patterns, free or for sale, online or on paper.

To make your search as efficient as possible, only sites that offer original, unique patterns are featured. It is hoped that while perusing the links herein, you will not encounter the same patterns twice.

The best sites are listed first. Newly listed sites are indicated; hover your mouse over the "new" label to see when the listing was added - NEW sites have been listed for less than 3 months.

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Chantal's Stained Glass
An eclectic selection of fresh, original and naturalistic stained glass patterns.

no sale Free Stained Glass Patterns
100% great free patterns, for stained glass windows and panels.

no sale Spectrum Glass
Generous helping of attractive patterns suitable for beginners. SIGN UP required.

Stained Glass Art by Vit-Mar
A wide variety of patterns sold online, and some for free.

Paned Expressions Studios
Archive of elaborate patterns, free monthly patterns and patterns for sale.

Chantal's Stained Glass Patterns
A second site featuring more of Chantal Paré's stained glass patterns.

ART:ERY - a stained glass pattern co-op
Sell your patterns, or buy other artists' in this new marketplace.

no sale American Bevels
Window, sidelight, transom and door patterns feature bevels from American Bevels Co. Hundreds to choose from.

PDQ Stained Glass Patterns
Original patterns by Marian Miller, divided into categories.

no sale Prairie Designs
Outstanding selection of Frank Lloyd Wright prairie designs for windows, lamps and mosaics..

no sale Barry Z. Masser
Offering books of patterns, and online patterns that make use of the special technique of glass plating.

free patterns sale patterns Glass Pattern Source
A growing collection of patterns by a collective.

free Ozark Stained Glass
Very large collection of stained glass patterns featuring horses, spanning several pages, as well as various wildlife, landscapes and abstracts.

no sale Warner-Crivellaro Stained Glass, Inc.
A selection of original patterns divided by theme.

bevelled window patterns Action Bevels
Large library of window patterns featuring Action Bevel's products.

no sale Alice's Stained Glass
Oregon studio sells patterns from some of their commissions and stained glass projects.

no sale stained glass patterns Sunlight Studio
A growing variety of well-drawn, pleasing designs.

no sale stained glass patterns quilt blocks Holli Boyle Stained Glass
A wide variety of dog, cat, and bird suncatchers.

free stained glass patterns Amazing Glass Patterns
Robert Oddy stained glass patterns.

free stained glass patterns British Stained Glass Pattern Co.
Stained glass patterns on themes from the British Isles.

Darryl's Stained Glass Patterns
Patterns depicting sports, fishing, cartoons, and a variety of topics. Author of "Hook, Line and Glass."

no sale Stained Glass Lady
Orchids, Australian birds and Australian flowers.

no sale Glass Campus
Sixteen great nautical and native original pattern including Compass Rose, Cutter, Galleon, Gillnetter, Heron , Lighthouse, Orca, Pelican, Schooner, Tea Clipper, Troller and Virginia Clipper.

Alpine Stained Glass
About 40 free patterns include seasonal themes.

no sale Seymour Stained Glass
Specializes in tabletop patterns. Available in book format, or individual patterns.

no sale Celtic Stained Glass Patterns
Specializes in Celtic stain glass patterns.

no sale Whittemore-Durgin
A variety of window patterns. Also Music Box Kits.

free no sale Citrus Glass
Glass painting patterns, most requiring little or no adaptations for stained glass work, very original.

no sale Allen Kenoyer Glass
Offers stained glass patterns divided by skill level.

no sale Cliffside Studio
Specializes in patterns for stained glass lampshades in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright.

no sale Packrat Productions
Stained glass patterns include hummingbirds, US flags, panda and rosettes.

free no sale Dean's Stained Glass
Alabama studio features transom ideas.

no sale Stained Glass News UK
Four original patterns include an abstract beach scene, a honey bee, Mucha-style profile and "the zipper". Note: loads very slowly, sometimes doesn't load at all.

Aanraku Stained Glass
8 free patterns including American flags in the wind.

no sale TK Stained Glass
Japanese supplier of exceptional kits and patterns.

no sale Odyssey Lamp Systems
Tiffany reproduction lamp patterns on fiberglass molds. Newly re-vamped website with instructions.

no sale Conti Studios
Designer Carol Conti sells her own panel lamp patterns and fiberglass molds.

no sale Worden Lamp Systems
Lamp patterns on styrofoam molds.

no sale Hello Darlly Garden Art
Lovely patterns for stained glass stepping stones.

no sale Pattern Resizer
Some free patterns from the publishers of pattern resizing software.

no sale Art Glass World
About 20 free patterns.

no sale Arrieta Glassworks
Some really nice patterns, let's hope there are many more in the future. No pricing information, you have to email the artist.

free patterns for sale Stained Glass Painting Patterns
New website to feature stained glass patterns requiring the use of fired paint, matte, enamels and silver stain.

free patterns for sale
Many projects, some of which require a bandsaw.

free patterns for sale Best Stained Glass Patterns
New pattern collection, so far with Japanese inspiration.

no free for sale Obsession Art Glass
Eleven free form dog and cat patterns.

free patterns no free
Nine patterns, classical and abstract.

free patterns no free Manon's patterns hosted by zimagez.
Explore the various pattern galleries.

free patterns no sale
Art of Stained Glass
In addition to the title link, two easy patterns for beginners to practice with: Beginner stained glass pattern #1 and Beginner stained glass pattern #2, a Sonoran Desert Scene (bottom of page), and a glass painting butterfly pattern.

no free for sale Gospel Glass
A growing collection of liturgical patterns by Marian Miller.

no sale Furnace Brook Stained Glass
About 20 various patterns.

no sale Sunny Brooks Studio
Hex signs, suncatchers, and landscapes from this Arkansas studio.

no sale TheaTricals Creations
An original pattern set that includes lovely boxes.

no sale Dale Grundon
8 patterns: skier, candle holders, star and quilt squares.

Design Rendering
Offers free stained glass patterns and a stained glass pattern rendering service.

Dodge Studio
One free pattern and a few for sale that include holiday themes, angles and stars.

no sale Dragonfly Software
400 free patterns and a free resizer are available by downloading Glass Eye 2000.

no sale Fantasy In Glass
Patterns include a dragon, generic cartoons, soccer player, mug and submarine.

no sale Stained Glass Stuff
Patterns for beveled candleholders, suncatchers, and table lanterns.

Sova Entreprises
Patterns from Suzanne Cooper.

no sale Patterns...Your Way
A wide variety of stained glass patterns is available for purchase.

no sale Hall Glass Studio
Sells stained glass patterns featuring women portraits, sun mask, angels and flowers.

no sale Huronia Art Glass
Pattern sets in pdf format include marine mammals such as whales, orcas, seals and dolphins, and whimsical suncatchers.

no sale Pete's Place Studio
Two dozen original stained glass patterns for suncatchers, some of them using nuggets.

no sale The White House
A dozen original stained glass patterns for windows.

no sale Glass Books Online
Gillian Sawyer's pattern books featuring fairies, Australian wildlife, and frogs.

no sale Sundial Primer
Pattern for a working stained glass sundial.

no free Peel and Stick Glass Patterns
A nice variety of pre-cut, self-adhesive patterns.

Glass Crafters
Free stain glass patterns, including many from the Spectrum Pattern sets.

no sale Glass with Vicky Payne
Several free patterns in pdf format, from suncatchers to windows.

no sale The Vinery
Half a dozen stained glass patterns.

no sale Valerie Hixson's Web World
One pattern for a mirror decorated with roses.

no sale Vitrail Québec
Assortment of original stained glass patterns with a Québec theme.

no sale The Leadlight Workshop
Australian online stained glass pattern catalogue, many mirrors.

free no sale
Several original suncatchers.

Sells pattern CDs featuring polar bears, hummingbirds, bucks, does, orcas, whales, lighthouses and ships. Free pattern samples are offered.

no sale
Patterns in Glass
Individual patterns as well as self-published pattern books.

Downeast Stained Glass
CD pattern sets, some free patterns on rotation, fees.

no sale
Stained Glass Art by Connie Hahn
Nearly a dozen free, original stained glass patterns.

for sale
The White House
Flamingo, rooster, dogwood and classical patterns in Glasseye format.

free no sale
Karal Studio
Dolphins, dancers, fish, tiger and others.

no sale
Stained Glass Shop
This glass graphics site offers several easy patterns.

no sale
Stained Glass Supplies
Japanese site with free pdf downloads that are found at the bottom of the page.

Glass Art Patterns
About 20 patterns that include small 3D flowers.

no sale
A Glass Bash
Features a stain glass pattern for a Mardi Gras mask set in an oval frame.

no sale
Spring Creek Stained Glass
GlassEye 200 and pdf patterns, Celtic, and geometric and others.

no sale Vitreorum
Brand new! Great for lead came.

no free Better Stained Glass
Twenty nice patterns.

no free Creative Art Factory
Three pages of simple patterns.

no free Casa Caramellia
Six angel patterns.

for sale Vitrail Véronique Soucy
Great handful of architectural patterns.

for sale L'Atelier de Carole
French language site offers patterns and special projects with full instructions.

no free Orca Glass
About a dozen geometric patterns, some with bevels.

no sale Creative Art Factory
Sixteen simple patterns.

no sale Free Stained Glass Pattern Blog
Pattern of a modest, nude female figure, and patterns of newsworthy personalities and events.

no sale Glassbahn
Small selection of lighthouse patterns, and a space shuttle.

SG Designs by JFA
Growing selection of holiday and animal patterns, self-published book.

no free Hilburn Art Glass
Small selection of large patterns.

no sale Spring Creek Stained Glass
Designs include desert, bamboo, beach bar, palm trees and Kokopelli.

free no sale Stained Glass Town Square
Member submitted patterns.

free no sale Craftbits
Dogwoods, palm trees and bird.

free no sale Acadian Glass Art
Eight window and transom designs.

no free Legacy Stained Glass Pattern Company
Two CDs of antique window reproduction in GE format.

no free Suzanne Cooper
A free stained glass pattern every month or so. ebooks are also available.

free no sale Always Glass
Patterns change monthly.

free no sale Bennett's Art Glass
Monthly pattern beginning January 2006.

free no sale Leadlight New Zealand
Some free patterns for New Zealand natives.

free no sale Royal Prime
Prairie style arch, sidelights, windows and doors.

free no sale Annabelle's Glass
A floral suncatcher, and a panel with three horses.

free no sale Titanium Alchemy
Three patterns based on Greek Mythology.

no free Glass Craft Patterns
Blog with a few patterns.

no free Stained Glass Stepping Stones
Three stepping stone panels, can be used for straight stained glass.

no free Richard Dubois
One pattern, click on the pattern link on top of the page.

no free Sapphire Blue
A husky pattern.

no free Free Craft Downloads
These are intended for the stained glass craft but many designs would require modifications.

no free Erik The Vermillion
A few line drawings can be used for stained glass.

no free Glass Wish
One free horse pattern.

no sale Curbly
Three patterns so far.

free stained glass patterns quilt blocks Dragon's Lair
Patterns for leaded lamps and suncatchers.

no sale Stained Glass Express
Monthly patterns include lampshade, birdfeeder and standalone angels.

no sale Aquarium Art Academy
Instructions to make fish stained glass patterns with free stained glass pattern samples.

no sale Misty's Online Coloring Book
Images can be adapted for stained glass patterns.

no sale WT Design
Some original patterns in pdf format.

no sale Stained Glass Shop
A few copyrighted patterns drafted by individuals that digitally colorize stained glass patterns.

free no sale Ferrets
One pattern for ferrets.

free no sale Ready or Not
Three easy patterns.

no sale Connected Lines
Computer-generated outlines that can be adapted for making your own stained glass patterns.

no sale Abbie's Den
Stained glass patterns from a very talented 11-yr old.

no sale Tiffanyglaskunst
Three floral patterns. German language site.

no sale Hello Kitty
One Pattern of Hello Kitty.

no free Paul's Stained Glass
One nice pattern for a flamingo.

no sale Shirley's Sewing Stuff
Several lovely stained glass quilting patterns require little adaptation to be used for glass.

Click on image to purchase:

glass eye 2000 stained glass garden stained glass course stained glass modern fairy stained glass pattern book orchid stained glass pattern book sea fairies stained glass pattern book 162 stained glass designs fan lamps stained glass designs native american stained glass designs stained glass pattern book instructional stained glass book dragon stained glass pattern book fairy stained glass pattern book glass painting pattern book mosaic pattern book guitar stained glass pattern book frog stained glass pattern book australian stained glass pattern book boat stained glass pattern book australian stained glass pattern book model car stained glass pattern book tiffany stained glass pattern book japanese kanjistained glass pattern book bevels and jewels stained glass pattern book victorian suncatchers stained glass pattern book louis c tiffany jewelry louis c tiffany lamps louis c tiffany book southwest native american stained glass designs bird stain glass patterns coral sea stain glass patterns southwest stain glass patterns victoria stain glass patterns aanraku stained glass patterns stained glass coloring book decorative solder stained glass handbook stained glass handbook tiffany lampshades the lost treasures of tiffany tiffany's laurelton hall tiffany at the Metropolitan designs projects patterns designs projects patterns fusing glass stained glass mosaics stained glass mosaics art of stained glass

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Art of Stained Glass
How to draw patterns
Rouault Studio
Warner-Criv Tips

Stained Glass Town Square
American Glass Guild Forum
Artisans Of Glass
Artists in Stained Glass

Fused and Stained Glass Source
Dave's Garden
That Home Site
The Art Glass Factory

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